Samsung Fridge Repairs: Problems and Solutions

Samsung’s fridge equipment is of high-quality assembly and rarely causes problems for owners. But if, nevertheless, a malfunction occurs, it is necessary to restore operability by the forces of fridge from a service center or with your own hands.

We will talk about how to do simple Samsung fridge repairs, which a home craftsman can easily handle. In our article, we describe methods for diagnosing characteristic breakdowns and ways to eliminate their causes. Based on our tips, you can get rid of the problem yourself.

Diagnose the problem yourself and try to fix it. With the error notification system, you can reduce the circle of nodes that must be verified to verify their operability.

Typical Faults

The failure of one of the nodes leads to a specific external manifestation that the user of the equipment sees. Any part of the fridge can break, but each manufacturer has different faults.

1. The Fridge Does Not Turn On

If one or all of the fridge chambers are hot, but the compressor does not turn on, then there are four main reasons for this failure:

  • When there is no manifestation of the operation of the motor-compressor and the sensors do not burn out, this means a problem with the electrician. First of all, you need to check the power of the outlet and the integrity of the cord. Then you need to call experts like smeg fridge repairs or ring the wiring yourself.
  • The same symptoms can be observed with a failure in the fridge electronics. Although Samsung computers have very high-quality motherboards and there is high-quality protection against voltage drops, with a poor power supply, they can still break.
  • If the indication, control and interior lighting work, but the unit does not turn on, then the most likely cause is compressor malfunction.
  • In the same way, a failure of the temperature sensor manifests itself. In this case, the control unit does not receive a signal about exceeding the allowed temperature and does not give a command to start the compressor.
  • For Samsung fridge, there is a way to determine the operability of the temperature sensor, if the cooling does not turn on for a long time; you need to turn on the forced cooling mode or accelerated freezing. If the compressor starts, then the problem is with the sensor.

2. High Temperature In The Offices

If the temperature in the chambers is high, but the compressor works normally, then the most likely problem is the following:

Capillary tube depressurization and freon leakage. The decrease in pressure in the system and the intake of air change the conditions of the phase transition of the refrigerant. In this case, the cooling capacity of the evaporator decreases or stops working. Loss of tightness of the door, resulting in uncontrolled entry of hot air from the kitchen.

The tightness problem can also be detected by the formation of a small layer of frost (for the freezer) or condensation (for the fridge compartment) in the place where the sealing rubber should adhere to the fridge box. In this case you should call expert westinghouse fridge repairs.

3. The Problem Of Icing

As a result of the depressurization of the doors, another problem arises: the warm air that enters slowly cools near the door and condensation forms.

In the freezer, where the temperature is much lower than zero degrees, there is an increase in dense snow formations with a mixture of ice particles. In the fridge compartment, the condensate leaks through the seal or comes out when the door is opened. In this case, the stains will be visible on the front of the fridge.

4. Clogged Drainage System

The condensate formed at the back of the fridge is discharged through a special drain hole. Its diameter is small; otherwise a cold leak will occur. The water flows by gravity, so the impurities gradually settle inside the hole.

The resulting narrowing gradually turns into a cork, preventing water from draining. A puddle forms at the bottom of the fridge compartment, as a result of which there is an increase in humidity, the spread of odors and the creation of a favorable environment for the spread of microorganisms. Therefore, the storage conditions of the products deteriorate.

5. Temperature Sensor Malfunction

The operability of the temperature sensors can be verified by measuring the resistance at the counterpart of the connector on the main board of the electronic module. Their location depends on the board, but there is an established color differentiation of the wires:

  • Freezer sensor – dark blue.
  • Fridge compartment sensor – blue.
  • Defrost sensor – yellow.

If the resistance remains at the same level with temperature, this means that the sensor is not working. In situation of samsung fridge repair to change it, it is necessary to remove the rear panel that protects the evaporator and the heating elements of the defrost system. Sometimes the sensors are frozen and covered in frost. Since snow is a poor conductor of heat, there is no fixation of temperature changes in the fridge compartments. In this case, complete defrosting helps. 


Samsung fridges are made of good quality components and assemblies. The frequency of their repair is less than that of inexpensive models. If a failure occurs, you can identify the problem node yourself. In some cases, you can carry out repairs yourself, but sometimes you still need to call in specialists.