42 Cheap Home Upgrades That Look So Good It’ll Seem Like You Spent 10x More Than You Did

Updating the vibe of your home is a relatable urge — just flip through a magazine or scroll through Instagram and you’ll see that there are plenty of other people who’ve felt it, too. It can also be daunting, though. The good news is, while finding things that do a good job upgrading your home might feel overwhelming, in reality, it doesn’t have to be. There are countless updates that don’t require contractors, power tools or even elbow grease, and that you can do without breaking the bank. This list of cheap home upgrades will have your home looking so good, it’ll seem like you spent 10x more than you did. Some merely require a paint brush and a few hours, or a screwdriver and a few minutes, and some even just need a few inches of space on the shelf of your choice.

If you’re a fan of DIY projects — or even if you’re not, but can hold your own when it comes to styling your space — you’ll find plenty of options here. So, whether you want to elevate a blank wall, simplify a high-traffic area of your home, or even make a tweak to your home’s exterior that increases curb appeal, you’ll find loads of ideas here today. Be warned, though — the toughest part will be choosing which project to do first.

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These Sleek Cabinet Pulls For A Modern Update To Cupboards

A new set of cabinet pulls can be a subtle yet sleek way to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom. These best-selling handles are 5 inches long, with a 3-inch area to hold, and they work for cabinets, cupboards and drawers. They’re available in matte black, satin nickel, and brushed gold, and you can buy a single pull up to a set of 60.


This Decorative Peel-And-Stick Paper That Looks Like Marble

The possibilities for this peel-and-stick, marble-patterned wallpaper are nearly endless. It can upgrade your counter tops, walls, cabinets, furniture surfaces, and more. It’s easy to apply and remove, and there are grid lines on the back to help with positioning, too. There are six different roll sizes to choose from.


A Showerhead That Makes Your Shower Feel Like A Tropical Rainstorm

Elevate your regular shower routine with a high-pressure, rainfall shower head. It’s easy to install and requires no tools, plus it’s adjustable so you can set it at the perfect angle for your ideal shower experience. It comes in four different colors so you can complement your current bathroom fixtures.


A Grout Pen That Refreshes Your Tile Work & Makes It Look New

Is your grout a little tired-looking? If so, no judgment here. These chalk paint markers are just the thing to spruce it up again. They use waterproof, non-toxic paint to quickly cover grout and hide wear and tear. They’re great for kitchens, bathrooms, and flooring, and there are two tip sizes to choose from — wide and narrow.


These Luxe Towels That Add An Elegant Touch To Your Bathroom

It’s hard to go wrong (and feel more adult-like than) with a set of plush white hand towels. This set comes in classic white, which goes with everything, or there are 13 other colors to choose from, including neutrals and jewel tones that pop. With six towels in each set, you’ll always have one on hand (pun intended).


A Bamboo Shower Mat That Makes Your Bathroom Feel Like A Sauna (In A Good Way)

If your current bath mat situation is less than ideal, consider this polished and pretty upgrade. This non-slip bamboo shower mat has a waterproof coating, plus rubber stoppers along the bottom to keep it securely in place. Every time you step out of the shower or tub, you’ll be reminded of your good taste.


These Smart Outlets That Streamline Your Usage Of Electronics & Appliances

You can manage these smart outlets, and control the devices you’ve plugged into them, from anywhere your phone has a signal. Even better, if you have a smart assistant at home like Alexa or Google Home, they work with voice control, and you can set schedules and timers, too. Four outlets come in each package.


These Magnetic Decals That Look Like Fancy Hinges For Garage Doors

Make your garage look on-trend with these decorative faux hinges. They’re magnetic, so all you need to do is simply pop them on your garage door, and then sit back and enjoy your updated exterior. Presto, change-o. Each set comes with six decals — four hinges and two handles.


A Set Of Stencils You Can Use To Beautify Walls, Furniture, Floors, & More

Easy upgrades are just a few minutes away when you have these decorative painting stencils. Six come in a set, and they’re reusable and versatile, and can be used all over your home. Each stencil is 6 by 6 inches, and you can use a variety of methods with them, too, from hand paint, to spray paint, sponge paint, and more.


These Peel-And-Stick Tile Sheets That Are Perfect For Revamping Your Backsplash

What’s better than a new backsplash? A new backsplash completed using peel-and-stick tile sheets that takes far less time and energy than doing a whole remodel. With this set, you receive 10 sheets that are roughly 12 by 12 inches apiece, and you have six classic colors to choose from.


A Set Of Floating House Numbers That Makes A Great First Impression

These floating house numbers will add a contemporary touch to the exterior of your home. They come with everything you need for installation, and you have the option of hanging them flush against your home, or floating for a shadowy, lifted look that’ll be sure to grab the attention of guests. It’s no surprise that they’re best-sellers.


These Outdoor Wall Sconces For An Elegant Update To Your Home’s Exterior

Whether you’re lighting your driveway, backyard, front porch, or another spot completely, these LED wall sconces will give your space primo polish. They’re available in both black and white, and they include a built-in LED light that lasts up to 50,000 hours (nope, not a typo!), so you can enjoy not having to change the bulb for literally years.


This Lighting Kit That’s Perfect For Inside Cabinets, Closets, & Other Dark Corners

This versatile under-cabinet light kit provides 13 feet of lighting that’s a breeze to install thanks to the included adhesive. They also come with a remote control that has dimming and brightening capabilities, so you can customize the light they give off with ease. They come in warm, cool, and natural white styles.


This Semi-Gloss Paint That Will Have Your Cabinets Looking Like New

The idea of a cabinet refresh might be intimidating, but a few coats of color can go a long way in your kitchen, bathroom, or even with some of your furniture. This cabinet paint promises a smooth finish that won’t succumb to stains and scratches. Each 32-ounce can gives you about 100 square feet of coverage.


This Front Door Paint That Provides A Pop Of Color Where Everyone Can See

If you’ve found yourself staring at the front of your house, wondering what you can do to update it, then look no further. This door paint will completely revitalize the front (or back) of your home, and it comes in 17 rich colors. Even better, it dries quickly, so you can complete the whole project in just a day.


A Set Of Magnetic Stickers To Enhance Your Garage Door & Curb Appeal

If your garage door has been looking a little plain lately, these faux window vinyl stickers might be just the thing to revitalize it. Meant for metallic and metal alloy doors, they’re durable and weatherproof, so they won’t shift. The best part? They’re super easy to install, just place them where they belong and enjoy your new garage accessory.


A Cordless Shade For Your Window That Blocks Light & Helps With Temperature Control

Window coverings might not be your first priority when you decorate a space, but they can make a huge impact on a room. This cordless shade not only looks neat and tidy in a room, but it’s effective, too. Plus, the lack of cords means you’re never dealing with knots or tangles, and it’s safe for kids and pets.


This Waterfall Faucet That Makes Your Bathroom Feel Extra Fancy

With this sleek and contemporary waterfall faucet, you’ll feel like you’re in the restroom of a fancy restaurant every time you brush your teeth. There are four metallic finishes to choose from (brushed nickel, chrome, matte black, and oil-rubbed bronze), and it’s easy to install, according to happy buyers.


This 2-in-1 Wood Conditioner That Protects & Beautifies Your Pieces

Yep, it’s even easy to upgrade woodwork and furniture in your home, and nope, it doesn’t require you buying all new. A simple bottle of this wood polish and conditioner, which contains beeswax and orange oil, will both protect and condition your finished and unfinished wood surfaces, improving their overall appearance with a quickness.


A Specialized Paint Kit That Gets Your Appliances Looking Like New

Do you want the look of new appliances, but without the cost and effort it takes to replace what you have? This liquid stainless steel fridge paint kit includes everything you need to turn perfectly good appliances into modern masterpieces. Included are a base coat, top coat, plus the necessary roller and heads to complete the project.


These Adhesive Bumpers That Prevent Wear & Tear Around Your Home

If the sound of slamming cupboards and doors makes you cringe, then these transparent bumpers will be a game changer. They’re small and subtle, at less than a centimeter in diameter. They come with adhesive, so they can be applied like stickers to help quiet those busy, noisy areas of your home. Each sheet has 72 bumpers included, and additional styles are available, too.


These LED Lights That Help Create The Home Theater Of Your Dreams

Whether you want to frame a 40-60 inch TV, enhance your computer set-up, or you have your own light-related idea in mind, this versatile 6.5-foot LED light strip will do the trick. You can control the extensive colors and brightness options via app, or by using the included, single-tap controller.


A Paint Additive That Uses Ceramic To Insulate Your Home & Save Energy

Turns out, the paint on your walls can be more than just decorative. This insulating paint additive is made from crushed ceramic powder, and it reflects heat to ultimately lower cooling and heating costs. It’s easy to use and simply gets mixed into your paint as you use it. Still not sure? Countless buyers have left reviews touting how effective it really is.


These Solar Lights That Are Equal Parts Form & Function

You can use this set of solar lights to line a walkway, mark property, illuminate a garden, and much more. Just position them in a spot so daytime sun reaches them, and enjoy their glow once night hits. They’re available with both a white or a yellow glow, and the holders double as stakes so a simple push into the ground is all they need.


A Bidet Attachment That’s Easy To Install & Use

Adding this slim bidet attachment to your toilet is a subtle way to make a big difference in your bathroom, and with regular usage over time, you’ll cut down your purchases of toilet paper and save money, too. The bidet itself comes in white, with gold or white accents, and everything needed for installation is included.


This Wireless Charger That Neatly Cuts Down On Cord Clutter

This wireless charger makes the mundane task of charging as simple as setting your phone down —that’s it; that’s all it takes. It’s roughly the size of a coaster, and works with a variety of phones and earbuds. An indicator light gives you the charging status of your device, so you can tell from across the room when it’s working.


These Elegant Curtains That Instantly Spruce Up Your Windows

Every time you push these linen blend curtains open or closed, you’ll be reminded of what excellent taste you have. The light and airy fabric comes in seven neutral colors, and there are five sizes to choose from, all which have tabbed openings at the top for the curtain rod of your choice.


A Swiveling Rack That Saves Space & Organizes Towels

If space in your bathroom is at a premium, then you might want to take a look at this swiveling towel rack. It has four 15-inch arms that swing out, plus two hooks that can easily hold towels of varying sizes, or loofahs, clothes, and more. It’s available in both matte black and brushed nickel.


This Classic Waffle-Weave Shower Curtain For A Luxe Bathroom Upgrade

Not only is this durable waffle-weave shower curtain made from a water-repellent material, but it weighs about about a pound more than a than a traditional curtain, so it won’t blow around in your shower. Plus, the texture is reminiscent of a fancy hotel bathroom, too. There are six neutral colors to choose from, and it comes in four sizes.


These Pretty & Practical Curtain Rings With Clips For Easy Hanging

A set of these elegant curtains rings with clips are a bit like jewelry for your windows. They come in six metallic colors that add a pop of shine, and make it easy to open and close drapes. They’ll work with curtain rods up to 1-inch in diameter, and come in sets of 40 or 90.


A Contemporary, Stainless-Steel Trash Can That Elevates Any Space

While a trash can might not be the most obvious choice for a home upgrade, this one looks like it belongs in a space shuttle and adds a modern touch to a room. It’s available in traditional stainless steel, dark bronze, and white, and there are three sizes to choose from — including a dual-sided version that lets you divide recycling categories.


These LED Light Bulbs With Remotes For Iconic Lighting At Home

Great for everyday decor, festive gatherings, or dreamy mood lighting whenever the mood strikes, these color-changing LED light bulbs give you 12 colors and 3 brightness levels to choose from, along with additional features like schedules, timing, and flash modes for strobe effects. They come in a set of four, and are available with both small and large screw bases.


This Versatile Motion Sensor Light For Inside Or Outside

No more fumbling with your keys when trying to get inside after a long day. When positioned above your lock, this motion sensor keyhole light shines right where you need it most, so you can get inside faster. It also works well as a subtle nightlight, illuminating stairs, hallways, and more. With the included adhesive, you can easily install it wherever it’ll help the most.


These Durable & Decorative Deck Tiles For A Quick Project With Lasting Results

If you have an outdoor space that could use a refresher, these deck and balcony tiles are a great option. Made of recycled rubber, they simply click together for a weather-resistant surface that’s lightweight and easy to maintain. Four tiles come in each pack, and they’re roughly one square foot apiece.


A Set Of Floating Shelves That Delivers Style & Storage

Turn a bare wall into your new favorite storage space with this pair of contemporary floating shelves. Included are a towel rack and attachable hooks, plus frames that fit around the edge of the shelves to protect essentials. They work great in a bathroom, but are practical and pretty enough that you can use them anywhere in your home.


This Under-Cabinet Wine Glass Rack For A Sophisticated & Functional Display

This popular wine glass rack is made to go on the underside of your cabinets, creating elegant organizing space literally out of thin air. It comes in four colors and two sizes to best suit your needs and, according to enthusiastic buyers, it’s easy to install, too. All necessary screws are included.


This Peel-And-Stick Paper That Looks Like Concrete For An Easy, Modern Wall Re-Do

Turn any space into the (faux) urban loft of your dreams, with this concrete contact paper. It’s a great choice for walls, counter tops, and even furniture, and once applied, it offers a layer of water-resistant protection, too. Grid lines on the back make it easy to install and cut, and the best part? It’s removable and adjustable so you don’t have to worry if the first go isn’t perfect.


These Window Covers That Provide Subtle Privacy & UV Protection

These window privacy clings allow you to cover your windows, but without the hassle of hardware or draperies. They adhere with a simple static cling method, so all you need is water to install. Three different styles are available, plus a range of sizes, though they’re easy to cut if you need to make adjustments, too.


This Paper Towel Holder Shelf That Clings To Fridges Or Hangs On Walls

Kitchen space is often at a premium, so this brilliant magnetic paper towel holder is a great way to keep bulky rolls off your counter, but still within reach. The roll holder fits most standard-sized paper towels, and the shelf rack can hold roughly 6.5 pounds of weigh. If attaching it to your fridge isn’t your style, you can always hang it with hardware.


An Adjustable TV Mount That Elevates Your Media-Viewing Experience

If you’ve daydreamed about mounting your TV but weren’t exactly sure where to start, consider this full motion TV wall mount. Designed to fit screens and monitors from 13 to 42 inches, that weigh up to 44 pounds, it allows you to get rid of the TV stand. A rotating arm allows you to easily tilt the screen for your preferred viewing angle any time of day.


This Faux Eucalyptus Wall Art For A Pop Of Greenery You Don’t Have To Water

A botanical wall hanging can easily brighten your space, and lift your mood. Made with real wood and un-real greenery, each piece is handmade for that rustic-chic vibe. It measures roughly 16.5 inches wide and tall and comes pre-assembled, so all you need to do when it arrives is get your hook ready.


A Sofa Slipcover That Quickly Changes The Room (& Extends Life Of Furniture)

Whether you want to experiment with a new color scheme in your living room, or you want to cover stains (no judgment), or both, a stretchy sofa slipcover easily does the trick. An elastic bottom helps keep it firmly in place. Three sizes are available, along with a rainbow of more than 30 colors.