Why You Should Hire Wedding Live Band Singapore for Your Wedding

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If you want to hire a wedding live band in Singapore so that the lovable and most important day of your life can also turn into an energetic evening with enormous amount of entertainment and interactive performances, then you are at a right place. Wedding Singing Singapore is the perfect wedding live band in Singapore for your wedding to satisfy your needs.

Wedding singer Singapore has brought every wedding to life with their expertise and different skills. The organization Wedding Singer Singapore was launched in 2012 and has done thousands of events till the date. They have created millions of memories and made each of the wedding memorable with their exquisite performances.

Why Should You Hire Wedding Singer Singapore?

Experienced and Professional Singers/Emcees: 

Wedding Singer Singapore, regardless of genre, have a wide range of professional singers and emcees in Singapore. They are incredibly careful in the selection of their singers. Wedding singer Singapore has a carefully curated team of musicians which consists of the singer having the experience at least of 10 years of state performance.

Wedding live band Singapore is very meticulous in their selection process as they pick only those singers who are passionate about their craft so that they can stand up to their slogan “Live Music from The Hearts.”


Are you bored with those regular songs and the same type of music playing over and over again? Well, you do not need to worry if you opt for Wedding Singing Singapore. They have different group selection ranges from Duos, Full band, to even a Pop and orchestra for you event. 

Best Prices:

Weddings are one of the most expensive affairs and usually people try to manage their money however way possible. They desire of exquisite wedding with the minimal expenditure and this criterion is perfectly fulfilled with Wedding Singer Singapore. 

Wedding in Singapore is already an expensive affair and above that all the tension of the wedding. Let us take one thing off your plate. Wedding singer Singapore is the most affordable live music entertainment you can opt for. And as desired you get an energetic and memorable evening in the best price.

High Quality Sound System:

Imagine having a wedding with music which tends to irritate everyone. that will be a total disaster, right? This usually happens with low quality sound system. No matter how good the performer is, if the sound system or sound crew is at fault, there is nothing a singer can do. Although, this never happens with wedding singer Singapore.

Wedding singer Singapore work with professionally trained sound crews who make their audience’s time worthwhile. They believe that quality is what matters. They understand the importance of your big day and that you do not want anything to ruin it. If you have any doubt, you can visit their website listen to their live band videos for a gauge.

Dedication Slips:

Wedding day is a day when love is cherished, not only of bride’s and groom’s, but everyone present at the wedding feel the love in the air. Everybody desires to do something special for their loved ones and what better surprise then to dedicate a song. 

Guests can dedicate their favorite songs for their favorite one and they can also write a special message. The Wedding live band Singapore will read them out loud on stage, making the person feel surprised and loved. 

Interactive Performances:

One of the main purpose to opt for a live band is that they can be interactive and people can have human interaction but when if the same is not fulfilled by the live band you hired? Total waste, right? 

Wedding singing Singapore is not one of those dull and tedious live bands which make you bored and encourages guest to leave, instead they are the ones that can transform your wedding day into an energetic evening with boundless entertainment. They are focused in having fun with people. Wedding singing Singapore hire only truly passionate musicians making them the best wedding live band Singapore you will experience. 

Full Refund:

Have you ever been disappointment with the performance of any band or DJ that you have hired? If yes, then you must know how disheartening it is to get disappointment and over that it feels like a total waste of money and then you discourage yourself. Just imagine how wonderful it would be to get a refund, if not satisfied.

Wedding singer Singapore offers a full refund if you are unsatisfied with their wedding live band Singapore performance. They guarantee the refund on the dissatisfaction of the customer. So, you see, whether for you or for themselves, they have a rock-solid obligation to make your wedding memorable.


There are many casualties in a person’s life that can force them to postpone their wedding day. And most of the time it is not possible to cancel or get a refund on the cancellation. Well, sometimes your florist is not available for your postpone date or wedding planner is busy. You can have hundreds of problems with the postponement but if you opt for Wedding Singer Singapore, you do not need to worry about the rescheduling of your wedding day. 

Wedding Singer Singapore is reliable and adaptable. They adapt to your schedule if it differs from theirs. And if you have postponed the wedding, do not worry, they adapt your schedule and manage everything.

It is very important to select the wedding live band for your wedding, as making the choice is not easy and by any chance, if you make wrong decision, you won’t be able to make your wedding day a memorable one. Wedding singer Singapore helps you to make your wedding day more special then it already is. If you look back to your wedding day, you will acknowledge fun and romance all over the place.