Where to Work When You Live in Boston

11 Quiet Places to Study or Co-Work in Boston

If you are planning a move to Boston, you may have already started apartment or house-hunting, as well as narrowing down your preferred neighborhoods. Another thing you have probably been considering is looking for employment.

Boston is such a large city with such a variety of different employment opportunities. Where is the best place for you to work in the city? Consider your past work experience, as well as your skill sets. Consider whether you want to advance in your current career path, or if you want to change career paths all together. With all that in mind, here is where to work when you live in Boston:


The majority of Boston’s top employers are in the healthcare field. Among the top ten employers in the city of Boston are Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston Medical Center, and more.

Healthcare is such a diverse field with so many opportunities, it is no surprise that one of the largest cities in the country has a thriving job market in the healthcare industry. If you have experience in the healthcare industry as a doctor, nurse, PA, therapist, or any one of the many many other necessary roles that keep hospitals and medical centers open, look into working in the healthcare industry in Boston.


Boston is not only known as the financial center of New England, but also as one of the most powerful financial centers in the country and even the world. Fidelity Investments is based in Boston, and other banks and asset management companies are also headquartered there, like Santander Bank and State Street Corporation.

Boston is also a known center for venture capital firms. With all this in mind, if you have experience in financial services or banking, there are plenty of options for you in Boston.


Boston is also an academic hub in the northeast, as well as the country and the world. Boston University is one of the top employers in the area, and there are a myriad of other educational institutions in the city that provide employment opportunities from preschools to K-12 schools to colleges and universities.


Boston is also a known travel destination with millions of tourists traveling to visit the city each year. If you have experience in the hospitality and tourism industry, there are plenty of hotels, tour companies, and other attractions in the city that you can search for employment.

If you have already begun looking for Boston houses for sale as you plan your move, be sure to look into these large industries and top employers in the Boston area as you search for employment. Whether your experience and skills lie in the healthcare industry, finance, education, tourism, or another industry, Boston has plenty of opportunities for job seekers.

With such a diverse economy, Boston has plenty to offer anyone moving to the area and searching for a new job. 

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