Types Of Mugs, Shapes, Styles And Sizes

The Ultimate Guide to Different Mug Shapes, Styles and Sizes - Deneen  Pottery

When you think of purchasing mugs of different shapes, styles and sizes for yourself or a gift for someone, the best place to buy one is from a ferm living geometry cup. Ferm living usually has unique and pocket-friendly cups, and they come in different colours where you can choose the colour that best suits you. You can decide to buy mugs that fit your kitchen’s decor and colour so that everything can look the same, creative and beautiful.

Types Of Mugs

  1. Circular Belly Mug

The circular belly mug is Deneen Pottery’s most famous signature mug technique and is one of the most liked mugs by our customers. Our clients are primarily people who own restaurants, cafe’s and inns. To know circular belly mugs is by their features; they have a vast core and are pointed heights that keep drinks hot.  

  1. Long Belly Mug 

Several client’s wanted a giant circular belly mug, and we understood the assignment and created a more extensive profile, and we call it the long belly mug. It has a massive handle and can hold a lot of drinks, and it also makes sure your drink stays hot for long hours. 

  1. Tiny Abby Mug

Even though our tiny baby mug has not been in their market for an extended period, it is slowly becoming famous amongst our customers. It has a nice colossal handle making it a fantastic mug for clients who want an elegant, contemporary goblet. 

  1. Abby Mug

The baby goblet is a very intricate type of goblet and it can be used for various requests. Whether you want to use it for breakfast while at home or in bed, whether you are taking tea in a motel, or you want branded goblets for your enterprise, this cup is the best choice for you. 

  1. Straight Goblet 

 The straight tumbler is the good tumbler for your outdoor adventures; its features are that it has a subtle concave wall that fits perfectly within your hands, and they are great for a day where you are just chilling enjoying the view of a specific place or when you are at a fireplace just relaxing, this is the best mug for you. 

  1. Footed Tumbler

The footed tumbler has been a unique and extraordinary cup that has been used since 1996, and it is our second most extraordinary modified Tumblr style. The footed tumbler is relatively identical to the circular belly cup, the footed tumbler has a tremendous sturdy core and tapers on top, and it makes sure your tea or hot chocolate stays.

  1. Tankard Tumbler

This cup has a matching ridge, and below and above the foot, the tankard tumbler has a Perfectly well-balanced contour. 

  1. Flare Mug

The flared mug is amongst the third-best faces, and it has a thin lineup that is amazing for sipping drinks, and it has an oversized handle that’s amazing for gripping the cup as you take your drink. If you like to use unique mugs, this is the right mug for you.