Tips On Approaching A Witness After A Car Accident

Car accidents can be a terrifying experience. You lose your good health, vehicle as well as enjoyment from your life for at least a good number of days, if not forever. Certain injuries can cause permanent damage and impact your life significantly. The financial losses are enough to put anyone into debt. 

Eyewitness testimony can make a huge difference in your accident claim. The other driver is often at fault, but they still lie to avoid responsibility. Understanding the proper way of approaching witnesses and asking for the right information is essential. Speak to a car accident lawyer Philadelphia today to get help in gathering evidence. 

What is the correct way to approach a witness?

When you find yourself injured by someone else’s negligent driving, you may wonder what your next move should be. The first thing is to call the ambulance and seek medical help as soon as possible. You can then move on to conversing with the witnesses and asking them questions about the accident to determine fault. 

Even if you feel like you are bothering the people, remember that speaking to witnesses is extremely integral to your case. It not only increases your chances of winning the claim but also increases the settlement amount. Here are some things to remember when approaching a witness: 

  • Be polite and use kind words to converse.
  • Ask about what they saw, no matter how little or insignificant the information might be.
  • Be straightforward when asking them to be a witness, and do not get angry if they deny it. 
  • If they say yes, do not forget to take their name, contact number, address, and email address.
  • Ask them to remain on the accident scene until the police arrive. 

When should you approach a witness?

While it is recommended to approach a witness any chance you get, there are some conditions when you should not do it. Talking to a witness is only good if the following applies to you. 

  • Walking up and talking to them won’t put you in a dangerous situation.
  • You do not have injuries that preclude you from making contact.
  • The witness is standing on the crime scene, and walking up to them does not require you to leave the location. 

Factors that make a witness credible for your accident claim 

Here are some factors to consider that make a witness credible for your claim. 

  • No personal interest in the claim.
  • They actually saw the entire accident. 
  • They have no impairments that might affect what they see.
  • No relations with the driver.