This Power Scrubber Will Deep Clean Even the Dirtiest Surfaces

From rust and mold to car exteriors and shoes, this tool can tackle anything.

Buckling down and cleaning all the surfaces in your home is no easy feat. But since we all have to scrub stove top grime and wipe down shower tile grout at least once in a while, you might as well have a versatile high-speed scrubbing tool that will cut back on time and work more efficiently than your hands and grocery store sponges ever could.

The Dremel PC10-01 Versa Cleaning Tool is one such appliance that Amazon shoppers lean on for tough housework, saying it has the ability to power through the toughest grime imaginable. Even in its compact size, the scrubber will toil away at any hard-to-clean surface. The pads and brushes included in the set are suitable for both indoor and outdoor cleaning and are designed to combat mold, mildew, grease, gunk, and even rust.

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Use the eraser pad for easy wipedowns on shoes, countertops, walls, doors, or floors, or switch over to the non-scratch pad for sensitive surfaces that need a good cleaning, like pots and pans or bathtubs. For a deeper clean on car exteriors and grills, use the bristle brush, and save the heavy duty pad for any place that has caked-on grime that just won’t budge, or even for sanding out scratches on wooden furniture. Thanks to its splash guard, the Dremel can be used with or without water and cleaner depending on the job at hand.

Amazon reviewers agree this handy device is an essential asset to their homes. “It was a lot faster than using elbow grease. Within two minutes I did more work than I did with my hands in 30 minutes,” writes one of hundreds of shoppers who left five-star reviews.

Another says, “The Dremel Versa is great for the novice cleaner and even the pros! Follow all instructions of both the Dremel Versa and what you will be working on and you can’t go wrong.”

Once you add the Dremel Versa to your cleaning arsenal, you just might wonder how you ever lived without it before.

To buy: $50;