Should I Post About My Accident on Social Media?

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Following the car accident, there are chances that the victim may end up with severe physical injuries that will take a while to recover. When you get into a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, you are entitled to get financial compensation for the injuries and losses you incurred due to the accident. However, you will have to apply for a car accident claim. 

As simple as it may sound, getting compensation after a car accident can be one of the most challenging processes. One of the primary reasons behind this is that the insurance company does not grant compensation because you filed a claim. Therefore, it is essential to speak to a car accident lawyer in LA who can ensure you get maximum compensation for your injuries. 

Does the insurance company check your social media profiles?

After you file a car accident claim, the insurance company will conduct a thorough investigation to detect liability. During the investigation process, your social media will play a vital role. If you talk about your claim on the internet, there is a high chance that the insurance adjuster will use it against you and lower your chances of getting compensation. 

Many victims do not realize that one single picture can harm their claim. Lawyers in LA also advise not to post anything about your injuries or your old photos (the ones without a date stamp). You may feel that your account is private, so the insurance company will never be able to see it. Unfortunately, nothing on the internet is private once it is posted online. 

Sometimes, even if you post that you are doing well and post a picture where you are seen enjoying yourself, the insurance company will use it against you to say that you are exaggerating your injuries. 

Handy tips to avoid hurting your claim through social media. 

One of the best ways to ensure your claim is not harmed is by avoiding using social media until the case is settled. However, if you cannot avoid using social media, you can use these tips. 

  • Do not post about your physical injuries from the accident. 
  • Avoid posting or talking about your car accident, how it happened, etc. 
  • Never post about your compensation amount or the process. 
  • If you post your old picture, make sure it has the date stamp. 

If you have done something that can harm your claim, talk to a car accident lawyer to discuss the next step.