Samsung brings even more color to its kitchen and home appliances

A new fridge door panel set designed by artist Andy Rementer is available for Bespoke refrigerators. 


Samsung is doubling down on colorful home appliances this year, extending the snazzy design of its Bespoke refrigerators to more kitchen products. Specifically, expect to see new versions of Samsung’s Front Control Slide-In Range, plus its companion over-the-range microwave and Linear Wash Dishwasher. 

Like the Bespoke fridges, unveiled first for Europe in 2019 then for the US at CES 2021, these large appliances will sport finishes in numerous splashy colors. Most notable among them are options such as rose pink glass, sky blue glass and navy glass. 

Keep in mind that the exteriors for these products won’t be modular like Bespoke fridge panels. That means they’ll come as is, and owners won’t be able to swap in new panels down the road.

That said, Samsung also announced a partnership with Philadelphia artist Andy Rementer. Together they’ve created a specially designed set of Bespoke refrigerator door panels. You can find this design alongside all the other modular panel options at the company’s Bespoke Design Studio.

Samsung’s Jet cordless vacuums will now come in Bespoke-themed hues.


Samsung has also added dashes of color to a few other products in its appliance lineup. For example, the company brought a deep green hue to its Bespoke Cube Air Purifier, and Samsung’s line of Jet cordless vacuum cleaners are set to get the Bespoke color treatment too. New Jet vacuum models will come in midnight blue, woody green and misty white.

Samsung expects all these colorful new appliances to hit stores by the second half of this year.