Construction Underway On Fading West Development’s Modular Home Manufacturing Facility

Fading West Development CEO Charlie Chupp.

Fading West Development CEO Charlie Chupp is excited to create a new modular home manufacturing facility.

We are excited to expand our vision throughout Colorado and the western United States by creating beautiful, high quality, affordable homes.

A new 110,000 square foot home construction factory is being built in the heart of the Arkansas River Valley by Fading West Development, with the vision of providing attainable housing for the workforce market throughout the western United States.

The climate-controlled housing production facility is expected to create over 700 homes, townhomes and apartments each year. This new manufacturing plant aims to help address the nationwide housing shortage, while creating more than 100 great jobs in the community.

“We are excited to expand our vision throughout Colorado and the western United States by creating beautiful, high quality, affordable homes,” says Fading West Development’s CEO Charlie Chupp. “We intend to develop attainable communities throughout the west, and partner with other developers and general contractors looking for smart, cost-effective housing options.”

The Fading West Building System’s factory will produce modular homes and apartments using Toyota’s Production System, commonly called LEAN, to eliminate waste throughout the entire construction value stream. Building in a controlled production environment allows for better quality and lower costs by leveraging semi-automated equipment, skilled production builders and value engineered products. Modular units are built in sections with fully finished interiors and exteriors that are complete and ready to be installed on permanent foundations.

“Our homes are designed and built just like traditional built homes, but much more cost effectively.” Chupp said. The benefits of factory built modular housing is the ability to reduce build times by upwards of 40 percent and lower construction costs by 10-20 percent. All homes are built to international, state and local building codes.

“Our mission and our passion is to drive down the astronomical cost of home ownership. We want to give more people the opportunity to own their own homes and put down roots in their communities. We work with municipalities, landowners and investors who want to be a part of helping address the affordable housing crisis. We have an incredible opportunity to do something special here in Colorado,” Chupp said.

Fading West Development has proven that their system works as can be seen by the incredible success of its development, The Farm at Buena Vista, a 21-acre, 218 home pocket-park community in Buena Vista, Colorado.

The Fading West Building System’s factory is expected to start production late 2021 and is located in Buena Vista, northwest of the Central Colorado Regional Airport.

Fading West Development is looking to work with landowners and developers around the Mountain West who are interested in helping solve their communities’ housing needs. To schedule an appointment and learn more, email [email protected] or call (719) 398-3080.


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