Camila Cabello’s “Cinderella” to Restart Production in England This Week

Photo credit: John Shearer - Getty Images
Photo credit: John Shearer – Getty Images

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[Update 08/18/2020 11:30 AM]: Camila Cabello and the rest of the cast of Cinderella are getting back together to finish up the movie after production paused due to the coronavirus.

Deadline broke the news that filming will resume in England and will continue until the end of September. The film, which is currently set to be released on February 5, 2021, might be able to make its release. However, with the coronavirus still looming and movie theaters around the world still staying closed as a precaution, there’s a possible chance that it might be pushed back.

“Robust safety protocols are in place including widespread and extensive testing which took place during pre-production and will continue on during filming, with safety training seminars, social distancing, contact tracing, thorough daily disinfection, and adherence to jurisdiction We buy houses Jacksonville mandates and local guidance in place,” Deadline reported. “COVID-19 testing occurs daily, and the bulk of what I hear is left to shoot is largely exteriors in several towns and castles. The trickier, large crowd scenes had been shot before COVID-19.”

Many films and TV shows are restarting production now that coronavirus numbers have gone down in an number of states and countries, while new policies have been made industry-wide to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

[Original story]:

  • Camilla Cabello’s Cinderella has suspended production for two weeks because of the coronavirus, according to Billboard.
  • The decision was made at least in part because of President Donald Trump’s travel ban to the UK.
  • It is unclear if this will affect the movie’s release date.

Camila Cabello is one of the latest celebs to be affected by the Coronavirus. Production on Cinderella, the movie she’s set to star in, has been suspended for two weeks according to Billboard. There’s been no word yet on how or if this suspension will affect the movie’s release date.

Billboard said that Sony was “forced” into the decision because of President Donald Trump’s travel ban. The UK wasn’t on the list of banned nations at first, but was added on March 14 because of a large jump in the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases according to USA Today. Ireland was also added to the list.

According to USA Today, for 30 days, starting on Monday, people from the UK and Ireland won’t be able to travel to U.S. U.S. citizens will be able to fly back into the U.S. but will have to be screened when they land and will be asked to self-quarantine for the following two weeks.

Yesterday, Camila posted on her Insta that mediation has helped her with “severe anxiety.” A long caption accompanied a shot of her meditating and, although she didn’t outright mention the Coronavirus, she did say that “it’s important to practice compassion.”

“In times like these, especially as young people, even if sell my house fast jacksonville we are healthy, it’s important to practice compassion and help others that could be suffering,” the caption says. “We are in this together, let’s not be indifferent to others risk. it’s our responsibility to do whatever it takes to keep everyone safe. Empathy to others’ reality and solidarity could make the difference in hard moments like this.”

Production for Cinderella takes place in the UK where over 1,500 cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed according to BBC.Production for Cinderella takes place in the UK where over 1,500 cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed according to BBC. UK prime minister Boris Johnson has asked the public to avoid public places like restaurants and pubs and that people should work from home if possible. BBC goes on to say that, “People in at-risk groups will be asked within days to stay home for 12 weeks.”

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