Benefits of Artificial Turf Around Pools

Benefits of Artificial Turf Around Pools

benefits of artificial turf around pools

A pool means a lot when the temperatures are too high and you need a way to cool off. And instead of going to a public pool, you install a swimming area in your yard. That seems like a good idea, and you can check why it’s so at this link.

Apart from the pool design, it’s necessary to pay attention to its surroundings’ arrangement, especially regarding in-ground models. So, it’s essential to know the path and access to the swimming area for aesthetics and functionality.

For example, bricks are decorative but not entirely practical because they heat up quickly. And stepping on hot pavement can cause serious injuries. Likewise, green grass and crystal water are a fantastic combination. But only if you ignore that grass retains moisture and can be a breeding ground for bacteria, dirt, and other allergens.

So, it would help if you had something that doesn’t heat up, requires almost no maintenance, looks natural, and doesn’t burden your budget too much. The solution can be artificial turf, a synthetic coating suitable for areas around residential pools. And you’ll learn about its many benefits if you dig in a bit.

Artificial grass is perfect for areas around pools because it requires minimal maintenance. Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf needs no fertilization or mowing and no daily watering. That helps conserve water and save on water bills. It also prevents weeds from growing and insects from multiplying.

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Another great benefit is that artificial grass doesn’t need chemicals and is immune to wear and tear. Besides, it doesn’t require electric or gasoline-powered maintenance tools and fertilizers. Furthermore, these chemicals won’t track into the water.

Artificial grass is not indestructible but can handle mud and debris quite well. For example, kids often go from the concrete pool surround to the grass to cool off. The same goes for dogs that don’t pay much attention to whether their paws are dirty or muddy. That can cause muddy patches on natural grass.

And when your youngsters and pets return to the pool, they bring dirt and grass blades. Thus, the water becomes dirty and cloudy, putting extra effort into filters. So, apart from muddy water, that can also cause damage to your pool system.

On the other hand, synthetic turf gives you the beautiful look of natural grass without all that mess. And while natural grass may become sloppy and muddy when soaked by heavy rain, fake turf drains well. So despite being cleaner, it also always stays green and vibrant. That can reduce the time you spend cleaning the pool.

More on the importance of proper drainage around the swimming area, see here:

Artificial turf helps keep your swimming area clean and safe. It also drains much faster than natural grass, which means no mess and moisture that keeps dirt and allergens. Besides, unlike concrete or bricks, which can be slippery, turf is softer and will prevent tripping hazards.

avoid slippery paths

Slipping or tripping on wet ground can cause severe injuries and fractures. On the other hand, synthetic turf provides a more secure footing and absorbs shocks more effectively. That’s important for swimming areas because many people and kids visit them barefoot.

Besides, artificial grass has the added benefit of eliminating the need for drains around pools. Since there’s no soil, it won’t absorb harmful chemicals and bacteria from the ground. Thus, it won’t leach toxins into the pool water, keeping your family safe.

Installing durable artificial turf is an excellent way to enhance the pool area without compromising safety and your budget. This grass is made from premium synthetic materials and is resistant to elements, fading, and corrosion. Also, it features a rubber backing and drainage system to minimize water damage.

This type of turf will hold up to heavy foot traffic, as it’s made of fibers with high density, making it resistant to matting and flattening. So this lawn is durable enough to withstand the weight of kids, dogs, and other visitors. Plus, you can use artificial grass in any season, and you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged.

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Last but not most minor benefit of artificial turf around pools is excellent aesthetics. It comes in various shades and heights, thus making this area aesthetically appealing. And it’s not just a plastic alternative that feels uncomfortable. Moreover, despite being synthetic, this turf looks and feels very realistic. And you can enjoy this well-trimmed lawn all year round.

A Few Last Words

Artificial lawns around swimming areas are durable and come in a range of realistic tones. They improve your pool’s overall look and feel, saving time and money spent on routine maintenance. So, you can enjoy a beautiful pool area with minimal effort.

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