6 Most Trendy Swedish Kitchen Designs In 2021 That You Must Try.

10 Best Modern Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas in 2021 | Scandinavian  kitchen design, Modern scandinavian kitchen, Scandinavian kitchen

Simplicity is key – a buzzword that seamlessly blends the Swedish way of life, which is now making its way into the kitchen.

The Nordic aesthetic of interior decoration, characterised by its deep respect for nature, was established as early as the 1950s.

Let us look at some of the recent trends that are gaining popularity all around the globe.

  1. Wood

To realise your Scandinavian kitchen dreams, one thing is essential above all: wood, wood, and more wood.

Because of the abundance of coniferous forests in Sweden, the building material is easily accessible as a renewable raw resource.

Lightwood, coupled with subtle colours and loads and loads of white, is especially popular.

This generates a warm and inviting ambience in the Nordic kitchen, evocative of a cosy cabin.

Light wood colours, such as birch, pine, and oak, are appropriate for equipping a Scandinavian aesthetic kitchen.

Even ash and spruce guarantee a homey atmosphere in the Nordic kitchen.

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  1. Simple Retro design.

Numerous creatives have created kitchen conceptual designs with strategic pops of colour in maintaining the Scandinavian visual appeal.

This includes front cabinetry and open shelving in Robin’s Egg Blue, as well as quartz countertops and retro-inspired equipment.

This unquestionably adds a heartening, inviting feel.

Organic shapes and natural elements such as timber, animal skins, and leather are characteristic of the Swedish Trend.

The spherical mosaic-tiled backsplash in the concept reinforces the colour scheme and adds aesthetic impact without overpowering the kitchen.

Plants and simplistic containers, for example, assist in maintaining a clean, uncluttered appearance.

  1. High Contrast.

This is a stunning avant-garde Scandi kitchen design in white and grey tones.

The contrast is highlighted by the simple grey bar stools sitting on a white kitchen island.

In the above example, cabinet doors appear to be coloured a very light grey colour most of the time.

To achieve this high contrast Nordic kitchen design.

Purchase marble kitchen islands that are surrounded by plain black counter seats with rectangular shape backs.

Install dark grey cabinets with small black pulls for handlebars.

Black ceiling-mounted illumination rods that fit snugly, illuminating the kitchen island and evoking the Nordic aesthetic.

  1. Light colour pallets

When designing your Elegant Nordic kitchen, white-washed walls and closets are a must.

The style is defined for its vibrant colours, minimalist design, and purposefully placed accents.

A fancy light colour scheme is recommended for Scandinavian kitchen decor to develop a feeling of homogeneity and tranquilly.

As a result, it is good for creating the most out of kitchen areas.

Pair the white with wooden and copper intonations to add warmness to the room.

Extra room is at a high price in a tiny kitchen, so start making the most out of every inch with shelves for everyday products just above the sink.

This simple design pattern is ageless and adaptable, making it an excellent choice for a modern urban kitchen aesthetic.

  1. Snuggly elements

Furnish your Nordic kitchen with snuggly and comfortable materials for added cosiness.

The chilly cold weather makes a significant contribution to the desire for a comfortable place to feel more at home, influencing the Scandinavian kitchen concept.

Fluffy wool flooring on the floors, as well as smooth skins and snuggly pillows, are excellent choices for creating your intimate getaway.

Leather upholstery lends a light retro vibe to the dining area, while cotton or linen home furnishings add softness.

  1. Storage and Display.

The Nordic countries are well-known for their clean and simple and simplified aesthetic.

This, nevertheless, would not be possible without a few ingenious storage options. Using shelves and hanging racks, you can keep your work surfaces clear.

Shelves are an excellent way of storing items that you use daily, such as dinnerware or tea and coffee caddies.

Hang coffee cups and cutting boards from a rail for quick access when needed.

Hanging kitchen cutlery on a shelf beside the stove is a simple way of giving your kitchen a much more homey feel while also leaving more room inside kitchen cabinets.

The same can be said for ceiling shelves for storing cookware.


We’ve seen what tends to make Swedish living unique as well as how to incorporate stylish Scandinavian design into the kitchen.

A cosy, individual, and comfy cooking eutopia is what you achieve with sleek lines established in your kitchen.