5 advantages to adding permanent exterior lighting to your home

Whether it’s for the front of a house, a patio without a pool or an outdoor space where the pool is positioned at the heart of it all, programmable exterior lighting has become a popular fad for homeowners.

The lighting can offer a wide range of advantages, said Michael Allen and Austen Godfrey of Brighter Nights.

Here are five perks to getting programmable exterior lighting, either at the front of a home or surrounding a patio, according to Allen and Godfrey.

Courtesy photo. (Brighter Nights)

1. The lights make for great entertaining.

Whether it’s family dinners or barbecues with a bunch of friends over, having different lighting options can set the mood for music, dancing, socializing or swimming if it’s a pool party.

“The lights give you a ton of opportunities with the brightness and colors,” Allen said. “They are also waterproof and withstand the test of time and elements.”


2. They add a nice touch for special messages or holidays.

Want to display your home in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month? How about in green and red for the holiday season in December and January? Those are easily doable options with programmable lights.

“At the touch of a button, you can have Christmas lights on,” Godfrey said.

3. The energy savings add up.

Speaking of holiday lights, getting more permanent exterior lights is a more cost-effective option than putting on temporary lights when it comes time. Instead of paying someone to come out, get on a ladder, and put lights around a house, one press of a button can produce holiday lights.

It can also save hundreds of dollars on an energy bill, Allen said.

“It’s a more cost-effective way to add a permanent solution,” he added.

4. Consider the added security.

This is a component especially valuable for the front of a house that is most visible.

“There’s nothing like a well-lit home for security,” Godfrey said.

5. Increased home value.

When it comes to adding value and appeal to your home, having permanent exterior lights that can be displayed in all sorts of colors and an efficient-energy cost doesn’t hurt at all.


“If you have two comps that are selling at the same time, two properties that are similar, that is a good feature when you are comparing it to a house that doesn’t have these lights,” Godfrey said.

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Courtesy photo. (Brighter Nights)