10 Cool Things To Do In The Happy Home Paradise DLC

Since its release in 2020, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has seen a massive amount of popularity and its fair share of accolades. As such, it came as no surprise that the newest name in the animal crossing franchise would eventually get additional content to expand the game.

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This came to fruition in November 2021, with the release of the Happy Home Paradise DLC. This content added new items, features, and even a special currency to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. With a focus on decorating vacation homes and a new archipelago to explore,  there are a huge number of new things for players to try. 


Kickstart Your DLC Experience

Eloise the Elephant standing in her room in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

It can sometimes be difficult to know how to get started on a new ACNH island, but the Happy Home Paradise DLC has a helpful starting point for new players. Near the beginning of the DLC, players will be asked to perform a client consultation for an elephant character named Eloise. Eloise will ask for players to design a relaxing reading room for her, acting as a tutorial for the majority of Happy Home Paradise’s new mechanics.

Before beginning, players should make sure they have access to the furniture Eloise has requested, so they can begin to work on her reading room as soon as possible. Completing this request will net players some Poki – the new Animal Crossing currency used for buying new items – and allow them to accept new clients, opening up even more content.

Find New Clients

Since its release, there have been plenty of new Animal Crossing: New Horizons characters for fans to interact with, and the Happy Home Paradise DLC delivers on this too. Players will be able to find various clients in order to design holiday homes for them. These clients can be found near the headquarters of the Paradise Planning Office, on a beach to its southern side.

Payers can see what sort of project a client is wanting by looking at the images that appear above the clients’ heads. This can help key players into requests they wish to complete, or ones they would rather hold off on. If there is no client of interest, players can simply come back the next day and the clients will be reset.

 Meet Fan Favorite Characters

The Paradise Planning office in Animal Crossing's Happy Home Paradise DLC

Players will also have the ability to invite familiar faces to Happy Home Paradise’s archipelago. At the Paradise Planning Board, players can spend eight hundred Poki in order to purchase souvenir chocolates.

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These can then be given to villagers on players’ home islands, encouraging them to journey to the archipelago for their own holiday homes. Amiibo and Amiibo cards can even be used to invite other, special characters. 

Expand Available Decorating Skills

While interior decorating has always been a part of the Animal Crossing franchise, Happy Home Paradise sees a number of differences in even basic mechanics. For example, clients will want specific furniture in their homes, which can be easily seen in the Decorating Mode screen.

However, players are free to add additional unspecified furniture as well to spruce up their decorating efforts. Interestingly, some pieces of furniture can be customized, allowing for certain qualities to be altered to fit a client’s specific request. Even things such as lighting can be altered to suit a player’s needs.

Experiment With Exterior Decorating

A shot of exterior decorating in Animal Crossing's Happy Home Paradise DLC

Interior decorating isn’t the only aspect of customization available in Happy Home Paradise. Players can also try their hands at exterior alterations as well. This can take a variety of forms. Holiday Homes can be moved, and their aesthetic can be altered to meet the client’s overall theme.

Trees, foliage, paths, and even outdoor furniture can be added to spruce up houses’ exterior and garden areas. Most excitingly, while terrain cannot be altered, seasons and weather can, allowing for even more customization.

Try Out New Features

As players progress through the DLC and complete more client requests, more features will be opened for experimentation. For example, players will eventually be able to add accent walls and pillars. At a certain level, players will also be able to add to and alter the lighting in their vacation homes, among other things.

In addition, alterations to furniture will be unlocked as well. After four completed contracts, players will be able to polish the furniture, while countertops can be changed after fifteen successful jobs.

Recommend Roommates

Characters from Animal Crossing: New Horizons sitting around a table together

After designing fifteen vacation homes, players will unlock a new ability: rooming two villagers together inside a single home. This means that players can bring together some of Animal Crossing‘s most sisterly villagers. To accomplish this successfully, both villagers will need their requirements met in terms of decoration.

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However, as players unlock more features and customization options, this will become easier over time. Not only can partitions and the size of rooms be altered, but houses can eventually be given a second floor entirely. If a specific roommate pairing isn’t working for players, they can be switched at any time. It’s a cool new feature that adds depth to the player’s Animal Crossing world.

Build Facilities Like Cafes and Schools

A bustling cafe in Animal Crossing: New Horizon's Happy Home Paradise DLC

Happy Home Paradise, contrary to its name, allows players to experiment with much more than just homes and houses. As players progress through the DLC, new facilities can be unlocked, which can be altered by them.

These facilities differ wildly from the normal house layout and expand the customization to match. From restaurants and cafes to schools, hospitals, and more. This is a game-changing new feature as facilities can help create a break in the possible monotony of house customization. 

Add Soundscapes For Ambience

Soundscapes provide another interesting addition to the Happy Homes Paradise DLC. Soundscapes will initially be unlocked after completing fifteen homes and then by interacting with the character Wardell, located in the back area of the island.

As players complete more homes, further soundscapes can be unlocked, up to a total of twenty-four. Soundscapes help provide another dimension to customization, by allowing players to add ambient noise to a house, further enhancing its theming. These are unlocked in groups, and will certainly help players add more to their redecorating than ever before. 

Try New Features Back At Home

Animal Crossing's Happy Home Paradise includes the new Happy Home Network app.

Many of the features unlocked through Happy Homes Paradise are not locked to the archipelago the DLC takes place on. In fact, players can use many of them back at their own homes.

While helping villagers and earning Poki can be entertaining, taking those features and applying them to the base game is just as impactful. If players want to add soundscapes, altered architecture such as wall partitions, or more to their homes, now is the time. 

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