Straightforward residence mend turns out not so easy

Bill Ellzey

How many engineers does it consider to transform a light bulb? Three one to hold the bulb, two to turn the ladder. You have read some model of the old joke, poking entertaining at engineers, rednecks or any other useful minority.

Recently, I observed myself starring in a identical “how extensive does it choose for a homeowner to repair a kitchen area light?” condition, and it was no joke.

I had installed the appealing ceiling fixture myself, a long time in the past, and it had served with no interruption considering that. It is a glass globe about 14 inches in diameter, suit like a bowl, upright, into a polished metallic ring. The bulbs, three of them, are within, obtainable only if the bowl is taken off.

Extra than a week ago, I was built informed of a dilemma: “You gotta repair that gentle I can not see how to prepare dinner.”