Best Fur Free Handmade Cushions If You Have Pets At Home

While it may appear challenging to keep your handmade cushions clean and in good condition when you have pets, this is simply not the case. It’s all in your fabric of choice. That said, if you’re looking for top quality fabric items for your home, buy handmade cushions here. But, before that, let’s go over the best options to consider.

Additionally, there are a variety of fabrics that will not retain any strange odors your pup may leave behind. While some may surprise you, these are the fabrics that experts believe are virtually pet-proof. We at Yorkshire Fabrics know that certain fabrics will not hold up to your dog’s fur and cat’s claws, while some will not show scratches as quickly. 

Best Handmade Cushion Fabrics for Homes with Pets

In this list, we recommend five fabric options when you do buy handmade cushion here from us at Yorkshire Fabrics: Canvas, Denim, Microfiber, Sunbrella, and Leather.


Canvas slipcovers are an excellent choice for homes with pets. This durable cotton blended fabric resists tearing, and you can easily remove the slipcover and wash it in the washing machine if it becomes dirty. 

Additionally, they are reasonably priced—particularly when compared to the price of a new sofa set. Therefore, if your slipcover becomes damaged by scratches and stains, replacing it will be a much less expensive option.


Denim is a rugged, durable, and easy-to-clean fabric that works well in casual rooms. While handmade cushion with denim may seem out of place in more formal living rooms, it works well in simple family rooms, sunrooms, and cottage interiors. Denim can be spot cleaned using a gentle soap water solution or a cleaning paste made with baking soda. Additionally, the fabric’s tight weave makes it simple to vacuum away dander or stray fur.

When they make cushion slip-ons with rugged heavy-weight twill, you can expect durability and gradual fading over time. 

Then again, spillages won’t be a challenge since this fabric is efficient and simple to keep clean and healthy. Simply remove the cover, machine wash at 40 degrees, and then leave it out in the open to dry.



Basically, fabrics that are low-pile are generally better at avoiding odors since there are fewer knots to hold these odors or retain the stains. Not to mention that microfibers are often exceptionally tightly woven, making them nearly claw-proof, then easy to maintain and clean. 

Although it is preferable to avoid pets scratching and rolling over our upholstery, handmade microfiber cushions are resistant to tears and pulls.

Moreover, synthetic microfiber is incredibly soft and luxurious to the touch. It is not easily ripped or scratched. Also, accumulated hair can be easily removed with a lint roller or simply by rubbing over it. If you use gentle soap and water, you can remove the stains and dander from microfiber.


Outdoor fabrics treated to repel stains and odors can naturally repel moisture, fungi growth, and bacteria. This feature allows you to share your sofa and chairs with your pets without jeopardizing your own comfort. You may take your outdoor furniture into your home and create slipcovers for your handmade cushions. With these in your furry friend’s little nook, Sunbrella can fit right in. 

Sunbrella fabrics are a standard outdoor-use fabric that is essentially mold and mildew-resistant. Generally, it is designed to withstand the harshest elements. Regardless of how playful your pets are, this outdoor fabric is not up to the task. Additionally, indoor/outdoor fabrics are resistant to scratches and claws.


Leather is an excellent choice for pet owners because it repels fur and hair. You can easily clean and maintain it by wiping or vacuuming. This way, you can retain the leather’s suppleness with a cleaner. However, pets can easily scratch the leather, especially if the material has already aged. 

To avoid this, keep your pet’s nails or claws trimmed to refrain them from puncturing the leather and leaving small holes.

Another appealing attribute of this material is that leather develops a discoloration over time, called a patina. It adds to the vintage aesthetic of your handmade cushions. Your pet can also enhance this so-called patina, especially if they have a particular spot to nestle into. Then again, while leather remains the most aesthetically pleasing of your options, it will not remain pristine without regular cleaning.