5 Cheap Wines Just Meant To Make You Say “That Cheap?”


Today many cheap wine bottles are worth a second glance. The flavour bouquets are well-developed and make an excellent addition to any Liebherr wine cabinet. Each of these wines not only has a price tag that is under £10 but also has an award behind its name.

With these wines in stock, looking at commercial wine coolers or a Liebherr wine cooler might be worthwhile. This will ensure that your award-winning cheap wines are stored well to enhance their crisp and fresh flavours.

Number 1: Dealer Romanian Rosè

The winner of the Bronze medal at the Independent Wine and Spirits Challenge, this rosè is an excellent pairing to grilled meats and salads. A crisp wine with a flavourful bouquet of raspberry and cherries that will tantalise your tastebuds. This wine offers a light and refreshing drink that makes you do a double take on the low price.

Number 2: Morrisons The Best Pinotage

The Gold winner of the 2015 Decanter World Wine Awards, this pinotage is one to write home about. A juicy combination of spices and the proper tannin levels on the finish make this wine one to savour. A price tag of under £10 is another reason to love this sophisticated pinotage.

Number 3: Castellore Organic Prosecco

Full of flavour, this sparkling gem received the Silver medal in the Independent Wine and Spirits Challenge 2022. The eco-friendly wine made from pesticide-free grapes has the delicate flavours of pear and green apple that bubble lightly on the tongue with each sip. An award-winning, organic wine for this price is a steal – definitely worth the try.

Number 4: Trivento Reserve Malbec

This wine is worth your time right out of Argentina and grabbing a special mention in the Tim Atkin ‘Best of Argentina Wines 2020’. Being singled out by Tim Atkin highlights this wine’s interesting and layered composition. With flavours of plum and vanilla, this malbec gives its drinkers a pleasant flavouring with a pleasing aroma.

Number 5: Wine Maker’s Selection Marlborough Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc

This white wine fizzes on the tongue, and you can taste why it walked away with the Bronze medal at the 2020 Independent Wine and Spirits Challenge. A floral bouquet that refreshes the palate complements the sparkling nature of the wine. This is one for that climate cabinet built-in to your kitchen.


You do not have to spend a fortune to drink a wine that has claimed a prestigious award. You can look for the identifying labels that proclaim the awards won by the wine on the bottle itself. When looking at these wines at your local shop, you can either look for these labels or ask a salesperson to assist you.

Confidence in knowing that you can get quality wines for a price that will not make you wince makes shopping for wine much less intimidating. Enjoy the shopping experience, and at home, enjoy the well-deserved spoils!

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