Why Asphalt Shingles Are (Still) The Top Choice For Homeowners

Why Asphalt Shingles Are (Still) The Top Choice For Homeowners

When it is time for a new roof, most homeowners go straight for asphalt shingles. Other roofing supplies these types of as steel, slate, and tile may offer you better sturdiness and longevity, but the truth is asphalt shingles continue being the top selection of roofing products for property owners in the US and for great cause!

As the least costly of the roofing resources, asphalt shingles are a common alternative not only among the house owners but manufacturers as very well. As this kind of, there have been many improvements to asphalt shingles over the many years to the point where some can contend from their additional costly brethren!

Like Desktops, Asphalt Shingle Technology Has Advanced Tremendously In The Earlier Several A long time

When you think of the expression “technology” you in all probability imagine of desktops, mobile phones, and other electronics but know-how essentially refers to the application of scientific expertise to anything at all for useful reasons, specifically market, and the technological enhancements in the roofing industry over the previous 30 a long time is nothing at all short of astonishing!

Back in the working day, householders didn’t have several alternatives when it came to selecting asphalt shingles. It was generally organic 3-tab shingles and your coloration possibilities were being limited typically shades of gray to black, They didn’t very last as extended and they also did not involve numerous of the factors we take for granted these days.

Rapidly ahead to the 21st Century and we now have fiberglass shingles that are slowly and gradually (but surely) replacing these outdated natural shingles. With much more and more improvements introduced every single year, especially with Architectural and other premium shingles, the amount of properties with these new systems will likely surpass the aged organic and natural shingle roofs really before long!

Producing improvements have created asphalt shingles 1 of the most various solution lines all around.

These days, even most of the “basic” 3-tab shingles offered include the moment-high quality alternatives like algae-resistant granules and particular UV stabilizers. When Architectural and other high quality shingles  deliver even far more wind resistance and quality ingredients than at any time prior to.

Production techniques have not only improved longevity and top quality but also structure, condition and color. You can now decide on amongst any range of shingles with diverse hues, styles to match your households design and even particular styles that never even appear like shingles. No lengthier are you caught with a single form and look.

They Really do not Make ‘Em Like They Used To & That’s A Very good Thing

We didn’t have the alternatives we do now when Atlanta Roofing Specialists initial integrated in 1993, but thanks to technology and fantastic outdated fashioned tough function, today’s asphalt shingle roofs can previous for decades and continue to be attractive for yrs to arrive! Connect with your local roof contractor nowadays and see how your residence can advantage from today’s state-of-the-art asphalt shingles!

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