How Wild Animals Can Ruin Your Windows and Tips for Limiting the Damage

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If you live in a suburban area outside of the city, chances are that you will encounter some wild animals from time to time. These might range from birds that build nests in nearby trees to rodents such as squirrels that might occasionally run across the road. While these animals are typically harmless, they may sometimes cause extensive damage to different parts of your home. In this post, we focus on the damage that wild animals can do to your home and how you can take steps to limit the damage.

Types of Damage Caused by Wild Animals

There are many different types of damage that may be caused by wild animals, including:

Scratches and Claw Marks

Certain animals such as birds might cause scratches and claw marks on your windows, especially if they were to perch on your windowsills. Other animals like racoons and cats might also scratch your windows if they were to run past. This might result in your windows looking damage and losing their aesthetic appeal. 

Chipped or Broken Glass

Birds and rodents that are disoriented may end up accidentally flying or running into your windows and breaking or chipping the glass. This might be more likely if your window panes are thin and not resistant to breakage. 


You may also encounter stains on your windows that might be caused by the  droppings of birds and rodents. These droppings can often pose a safety hazard as they tend to carry significant amounts of bacteria which might cause diseases in humans. Furthermore, if they are not immediately cleaned, they may also result in stubborn stains on your windows that limit the amount of natural light that enters your home.

Tips for Mitigating the Damage Caused by Animals

Here are some tips that can help you mitigate the damage that is caused to your windows by the animals in your area:

Applying Protective Films or Coatings

Consider applying protective films or coatings on your windows to deal with the main problems that you face. For example, if you find that there are many animal scratches on your windows, you can apply a scratch-resistant coating to prevent this.

Clean Your Windows Regularly

Cleaning your windows regularly can enable you to deal with any debris or stains caused by animals before they get too severe. When cleaning your windows, it is essential for you to use proper safety equipment such as masks and gloves to avoid cross contaminating other parts of your home.

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