How to Construct a Soundproof Home Recording Studio

How to Construct a Soundproof Home Recording Studio

Building Guidelines

The most effective technique for building a exercise studio which will permit you do dwell rehearsals and recordings is to follow the guidelines in the absolutely free brochure Acoustics 101 which you can obtain from You are going to learn that highest soundproofing for your music studio needs building of a “area within a space.”

The ideas in this brochure can be used, even so, for any kind of space soundproofing challenge, simply because the principle it describes takes advantage of the sealed air area which you may established involving the new partitions of you tunes studio and the outdated partitions of the unique home. If house allows, you can dampen the sounds you are going to be building even more by developing a independent ceiling for your place within a space, but that is not often practical. What will be sensible is for you to frame the partitions for your new home flat on the ground and then raise them into situation.

Incorporating Soundproofing Material

If you must retain the primary ceiling, soundproof it either with mass loaded vinyl (MLV) or a mix of MLV and shut mobile foam. When you’ve got concluded framing the partitions, and measured for useless air house, you can begin soundproofing the new space.

I advocate lining the pockets in between the new and previous walls with American Mat or a comparable foam of shut mobile vinyl nitrile, which is ordinarily ΒΌ” thick and will be glued to the studs, joists, and interior cavity walls with make contact with cement. You is not going to be filling the cavities with the American Mat you are going to only be lining them.

Introducing Insulation and Decoupling

If your room inside a space is being manufactured in an unheated garage or basement, you could possibly decide that thermal insulation is a superior thought. If so, I suggest you use Roxul, a marvelous batt insulation of thermal rock wool which also has good Soundproofing attributes.

If most of the sound your band tends to make is reduced frequency sound coming from both acoustic drums or a bass amplifier, you must now decouple the partitions. We’ll examine decoupling procedures in even more articles or blog posts, but if you are employing high-run amplifiers ( 4 X 12 cupboards with fifty-watt amps, for example) together with an Ampeg bass process and miked acoustic drums, then you can get by devoid of decoupling.

Ending Your Dwelling Recording Studio

If you will never be decoupling, then get some far more higher high-quality MLV and staple it straight both to the joists or the studs on your assembled partitions. Overlap the seams and seal them with OSI acoustical caulk, and then tape them with possibly major PVC or direct tape.

When you have concluded sealing the MLV, place in a ultimate layer of 5/8″ drywall, buttering its edges with much more of the acoustical caulk. Then tape, mud, and paint it, and you are concluded! You have your possess in-home soundproof recording studio!

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