This is how one company makes fake exposed brick walls

If you’ve ever wanted that exposed brick look, this might be the easiest way to get it.

The company Bolix manufactures dozens of chemicals and products that help construction workers create perfect façades. From Art Deco style to modern metallics and the classic brick effect, Bolix can make all sorts of exteriors and interiors. 

The illusion of an exposed brick wall is not as difficult as you’d imagine.

First, the red plaster coating is spread on the wall. Then, a worker brushes the malleable plaster to give it texture. Next, they use tools to carve out horizontal and

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What Are Textured Walls? – Different Types of Textured Walls

Martin Vecchio; Design by Cloth + Kind

If you’ve ever pondered ways to transform a blank wall in your interior, you’ve likely thought of everything from choosing a bold paint color to installing a graphic wallpaper. You might have even considered showcasing artwork, adding visual interest with a cabinet, or hanging an eye-catching mirror. But there’s another designer-approved option to add character and personality to your space: textured walls.

A favorite of top interior designers, upgrading a flat wall with texture can instantly enhance a room and help mask any signs of wear and tear. “Paint goes a

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