How Perceived Superiority and Power Derailed My Dream Home

One year ago, my husband fulfilled one of my wildest dreams in the worst possible way. He bought me a home in Baltimore City.

Bruce is a U.S. Naval Academy graduate and an Eagle Scout. I am a two-time James Beard Award–winning journalist and author, known for my dedication to historic preservation. (I have rescued more than 400 Black cookbooks, many of them rare, dating to 1827.) So, when a new job called us to the Mid-Atlantic, we could not resist the allure of its lush green spaces, the Chesapeake Bay, and, of course, its affordable pockets of spectacular architecture.

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This Power Scrubber Will Deep Clean Even the Dirtiest Surfaces

From rust and mold to car exteriors and shoes, this tool can tackle anything.

Buckling down and cleaning all the surfaces in your home is no easy feat. But since we all have to scrub stove top grime and wipe down shower tile grout at least once in a while, you might as well have a versatile high-speed scrubbing tool that will cut back on time and work more efficiently than your hands and grocery store sponges ever could.

The Dremel PC10-01 Versa Cleaning Tool is one such appliance that Amazon shoppers lean on for tough housework, saying it has

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