How To Get Creases Out Of Polypropylene Rug (The 5 Best Ways)

How To Get Creases Out Of Polypropylene Rug (The 5 Best Ways)

Updated on July 24, 2022 by Brett

When a polypropylene rug is laid imperfectly or goes through too much of an activity over it’s surface, we can’t expect it to be completely wrinkle and crease free. It’s very normal for any rug, let alone a polypropylene one to have wrinkles and creases.

These issues could be a severe one if not dealt with instantaneous steps. To avoid yourself from buying a new rug, let’s discuss how to get creases out of polypropylene rug.

Stay tuned and keep your DIY hands ready. It’s Do It Yourself time!

How To Get Creases Out of Polypropylene Rugs – DIY Methods

how to get creases out of polypropylene rug

Let’s move forward with the process. I will show you quite a handful of ways that I follow myself when I don’t want my guests to see mayhem in the living room. Aside from that, since I learned these methods myself, I have kept applying them.

Do I Need Any Tools To Get Creases Out Of Polypropylene Rugs?

Yeah, you might need a few tools but nothing would be extra except for a Carpet tape. For most of the methods, household available items are enough.

If you decide to opt for the Double Sided Tape method (Below), I could suggest to you my personal favorite one for this project. It’s the XFasten Double-Sided Carpet tape. It’s a bestseller. You can check it out later but first, let’s find out how to get wrinkles out of polypropylene rug.

Method 1: Place Heavy Objects

place heavy objects on the Rugs

The most commonly used household method is to place heavy objects on the polypropylene rug. Especially on the rug corners, wrinkles and creases. The rug fibers are quite heavy and if they are frequently forced to be in a certain position, they would stay there indefinitely.

Also, the corners roll due to the misplacements and unacceptable movement on the rug. Yet, placing heavy objects can even remove the most stubborn creases out of polypropylene rug. Even synthetic material is destined to accept defeat to this method. Easiest way to get this done is by using heavy furniture.

Method 2: Rapid Water Method

applying water pressure on rugs

As this method requires water, it is recommended that you clean the rug well. For that you would need a spray bottle full of cleaning agent infused with fabric softeners, soapy water, etc. a damp cloth or a damp towel or even a damp sponge. 

You could use a mix baking soda instead of the cleaning agent. That works too.

You can even use a vacuum cleaner or a steam cleaner on a medium heat setting. If you don’t have a steam cleaner, you can even use a hair dryer. But if you are using a steam setting, make sure you steam on all the creases and all the wrinkles. That way, the rug pad tensed areas will be free.

If you are done with the cleaning method, use a dry cleaning cloth to wipe the carpet and then, after hanging the carpet, use a garden hose to apply water on the carpet rapidly.

The force of water on the already fabric softener applied carpet would make the wrinkles and creases go away.

Method 3: Reverse Rolling For New Rug

Rolling up rugs

You may have heard about rick rolling, but not reverse rolling. It has nothing to do with rick rolling. Anyway, whenever we get a new rug, it is mostly rolled. This rolled up rug is more likely to have more creases and wrinkles than an average one.

So, to make sure a new rug doesn’t get affected by the rolling up, reverse roll the carpet. After the rug folds, the existing roll is pressured with an anti roll from the opposite side.

Both rolls collide and you can have the rug lying flat afterwards. This process can remove wrinkles, Make sure you pressurize the affected area.

Method 4: Use Iron to Get Bumps Out of Area Rugs

Iron your rug to get bump out

If nothing else works, pick up the heaviest iron you have at home and keep it in a medium heat setting or the lowest setting to avoid burning. Wait a minute, you can not use your iron directly on your rugs to flatten it. It will burn or may be you’ll see some iron marks on your rugs.

To prevent these,  take a thin towel and wetting it thoroughly. Make sure to squeeze out the extra water from it.  Now, place it over the targeted areas. Simply rub the iron all over the towels.

To remove creases out of polypropylene rug, rug wrinkles and bumps, apply additional pressure to the opposite direction for the carpet to regain its original shape.

It may not regain its original shape but definitely would look much better than the old wrinkled one you had there. Remember, the rug fibers are pretty heavy. The additional pressure needs to be quite much. Watch the following video for more insight.

Method 5: Using Double Sided Tape

This double sided tape helps to keep your area rug in place to prevent folding. All you need to do is cut the tape in smaller pieces. Now, place those pieces on your targeted area for rugs. Next, put the rug on top of the tape and put some pressure over the rug for a strong adhesion with the tape. Here an useful video demonstration to follow.

What About Other Methods?

These are the basic ways of how to get creases out of polypropylene rug. Some might add a little step of drying the rug in the Sun or applying harsh chemicals. The drying in the sun thing doesn’t work and applying harsh chemicals ruins the carpet. So, don’t rely on these methods.

What Causes Wrinkles in My Carpet, And Rugs?

This is an important thing to focus on. If you know what causes a carpet to have wrinkles and creases, you can refrain from doing such. That way, you won’t have to apply any of the methods above.

1. Dragging Heavy Objects on The Carpet:

avoid dragging objects on the area rugs

We tend to drag heavy items after we place them on the carpet. This can cause the carpet to move in the wrong way. The best way to avoid this is to carry heavy items off the carpet instead of dragging them. You might need some extra manpower for that.

2. Laying Out Incorrectly

For most carpets, the initial problem arises when they are not laid perfectly. Yes, this means the reason why your carpet had wrinkles and creases is because you might have laid it imperfectly. So, try to lay the carpet properly and place heavy items. That would solve your issue.

3. Getting Damp

The problem with concrete floors is that they can let moisture pass through them. Doesn’t matter whether it’s downwards or upwards, moisture just passes through. Moisture is actually bad for the carpet because water can cause the carpet forcibly to change shapes.

So, the reason why your carpet is uneven is because it was exposed to moisture. The easiest way to get rid of that is drying the carpet in the sun and ironing.

If you don’t want your carpet to be exposed to water, just place a plastic sheet under the carpet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Does polypropylene carpet flatten?

Yes. The problem with a polypropylene rug is that it can get thinner by the course of time. Thinning causes the rug pad to have creases and wrinkles.

Regular steaming and ironing can solve this issue and keep the polypropylene rug flat.

Q2: Do Rugs Flatten on Their Own?

If there is absolutely no movement done over the rug surface and it hasn’t been touched in any way, then yes. Rugs can flatten on their own after being rolled up.

But in the case of a new rug, the best way is to place heavy objects on each corner and keep the carpet tensed at all times. The rug would flatten out in 2-3 weeks, tops.

Q3: How Do You Get Ripples Out of a Rug That Has Been Rolled Up?

It’s a matter of relief that instead of having wrinkles and creases, your carpet has ripples. Ripples can be removed very easily.

You can choose any method explained above to get rid of ripples. My personal favorite would be the first one, placing heavy objects.

Q4: Can I steam a polypropylene rug?

Yes, you can definitely steam a polypropylene rug. In fact, steaming and ironing is considered a maintenance thing of a polypropylene rug. So, if you want to steam your rug, steam your rug by all means.

Q5: Can Polypropylene Rugs be Shampooed?

For cleaning purposes, Polypropylene rug pads can definitely be shampooed. You can shampoo the surface and give the carpet surface a thorough clean using a brush.

Final Words:

If you choose to follow this newfound answer of yours which shows how to get creases out of polypropylene rug, you will be able to avoid having a rug with creases and wrinkles.

Just make sure to follow the methods as explained. Don’t do something weird and damage the rug. If you’re not sure you can handle this, there’s always professionals to help you.

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